Guess who turned 50…

We have been keeping ourselves quite busy around here with back to school and all the other normal hoopla that goes on. Last week we celebrated someone’s big 5-0 birthday. He is a very laid back guy who doesn’t like much attention brought to himself. He never asks for any gifts or anything special on his birthday.  He knows that drives me CRAZY so he tries to come up with something!

We started off the day with sleeping in and then heading to Huey’s restaurant for lunch.  Unfortunately, Logan was working.  Boo!
Guess Who Turned 50 |

Guess Who Turned 50 |

After lunch we ran errands to pick up a couple things and then headed to Ben & Jerry’s for dessert.  He has an obsession with their Pistachio ice cream!  They didn’t have any in the case to eat in store, but we did grab a pint to take home from the freezer!

Guess Who Turned 50 |

Guess Who Turned 50 |

I have an affection for donuts and we have this place in Memphis that is suppose to be famous for them.  We had never been, so we decided to stop and pick some up for breakfast the next morning.  I have to tell you that I had just started a low carb diet a few days before so I didn’t eat ice cream or donuts.  In the end, they all decided that while the donuts were good, they all preferred the ones from our local shop in our little town.

Guess Who Turned 50 |

We celebrated with my parents at Outback for dinner.  It was delicious as always.  Sadly, I didn’t get a picture though. Another birthday down and documented.  Next is my birthday in September! :-)

Meal Plan Monday–1/13/14

Do you meal plan?  How’s it going?  I meal plan most weeks and it definitely makes life much less stressful when it comes to grocery shopping and knowing what I am going to make for dinner.  However, I do sometimes get stressed out during the actual menu making.  I try not have things too similar close together.  The kids probably wouldn’t care at all, but it bugs me.

One of my goals for this year is to TRY and make two new recipes every week.  Some weeks that won’t be possible, but I’m going to do my best.

MONDAY: Misc. (Two kids ate out with my parents, one ate cheesesticks when he got home from work.)

TUESDAY:  Philly Cheesesteaks & Fries

WEDNESDAYShredded Beef Tacos*, rice, beans

THURSDAY:  Stuffed Shells with garlic breadsticks

FRIDAY:   Pizza

SATURDAY: Grilled Chicken w/ mac n’ cheese

SUNDAY:  – out -

*trying out a new recipe


What’s on your menu this week??  Do you have any good family favorites that are wallet friendly too?  We seem to make mostly expensive at home meals, at least it seems that way, and I am trying to find some more budget friendly ideas.  I would love to hear your favorites!! 

Redeeming myself…

I just finished putting the rub on the ribs for tonight and getting them in the slow cooker.  My mouth is already watering.  I had to cook something good for tonight to redeem myself for last night’s total failure.  I had my doubts about it to begin with but Pioneer Woman always makes everything look so delicious.  I made the Pepperoni Pizza Burgers.  They were edible, but that is about as good a review as I can give.  Logan and I managed to eat it, but the rest of the family couldn’t do it.  It was not my cooking, I assure you. It was just the combination of things that just didn’t sit well with us.  I am sure there are plenty of people out there who loved them, just not us! 

Since I can’t post without a picture, here is one from yesterday.  I was trying out a new camera – the Nikon D600.  It is a step down from my current cameras, as far as features and feel are concerned, but I really wanted to give it a go since it was a more budget friendly option.  However, after playing with it, I decided to return it and order the Nikon D800 instead.  It is the latest model that is on par with what I currently shoot with.  I can’t wait to get it.  Smile  My online concern is the huge file sizes of the new one.  I better stock up on external hard drives.  Good thing I built a robust computer for editing because it is going to be put to the test!!

My sweet girl playing outside this afternoon!  :)

I hope everyone is having a great week!  Smile

Food: Strawberry Limeade and Cherry Limeade

Ok, I know I am late to the party but I was introduced to Sonic’s Strawberry Limeade this weekend. OH MY YUMMY GOODNESS! I am a former Coke Zero, now turned water drinker.  However, after having only water for a couple weeks (minus my daily frappuccino) I was DYING for something else.  After scouring the Sonic menu for something, I spotted this beautiful creation and decided to give it a try.  Obviously, it got a two thumbs up.  Even from Noah who doesn’t even like strawberries.

Anyway, I woke up this morning craving it again so I decided to try my hand making it at home.  It is a perfect copycat recipe.  Go make some for yourself.  Then come back here and praise me for changing your life. Or just say thanks for the great recipe. Winking smile

In case you aren’t a strawberry lover, but do like cherries… here is the Cherry Limeade that I make all the time around here.

**Feel free to come back and thank me on the blog.  Smile