Organization: Spice Cabinet

I am still slowly but surely working to become more organized around here.  It is a never ending process.  Once I think I have the right method down, I find something better.  Oh well.  As long as we are improving, right??

Yesterday, I tackled a couple projects.  The first one I thought I would share with you is my spice cabinet.  I wish I had taken a before picture.  The bottom shelf was already pretty organized, but I had added A LOT more spices and they were all in a big mess on the second shelf.  And some in front of everything on the first shelf.  It wasn’t real pretty and was getting hard to find things in there.

Now it looks nice.  :)  Here is the first shelf –


Did you notice they are in alphabetical order too?  :)

Here is the second shelf –


Notice all my McCormicks seasonings above?  Eric thought I was nuts for buying so many, but we use LOTS of seasonings and they were on sale for $1 each.  How could I resist??  They are good too!

Let’s take a closer look at my organizational awesomeness.  ha! ha!SB1_8524

Here is the whole cabinet in all it’s glory.


I have to admit though, it isn’t finished.  You see… I really want to buy some empty spice jars to replace all of those ugly red/white Kroger can spice containers.  They take up so much room.  I can’t resist buying them though because they are a lot cheaper than the jarred ones.

We have been trying out lots of new recipes lately, hence the addition of many new spices, so I will be posting my review of those soon!

Struggling with color…

I do love color.  I just struggle with finding the “right” ones for my walls. It’s a constant battle between my love for color and my love for a simple neutral space. 

I kept telling myself that I needed one room to add some color to.  I decided on the laundry room after seeing some great turquoise laundry rooms on the web.  This was my very neutral laundry room before pic…


Here it is mid-transformation.  My incredible mom is always more than happy to come over and lend a hand when I need it.  I am NOT a good trim and cut-in painter so she takes care of that while I do all the roller work.  SB1_8483

The reason in the title I say I’m struggling is because I am REALLY not loving this color.  I generally LOVE the turquoise/red combination… but this room is just not working for me.  Any suggestions??  It didn’t help when Eric came home and asked me if I was having a baby because it looked like I was painting a nursery.  Grrr… 

I think if I can get the right accessories or artwork or something up… it will all come together.  Right now it is just so…. BLUE.  If you know me at all, you know blue is one of my least favorite colors.  Any ideas will be MUCH appreciated!! I am thinking maybe some more brown wicker baskets on top of the cabinets to kind of tone down all the blue.  What kind of artwork for the wall on the left?? 


One reason I was hurrying to paint was because the new washer and dryer pedestals were due to be delivered.  I knew once those were in place, it would be much harder for me to move things around to paint.

Aren’t they gorgeous?? 


I really think those pedestals might just be in the top three best things I have ever purchased for the house.  LOVE LOVE them!  SB1_8508

I LOVE LG products.  We have them all throughout our house.  If there is an LG available for what I need, I will buy it every time.  Well, I do have to say that right now I am a little irritated with my LG’s in the laundry room.  They wash and dry just fine, but see the decals/stickers… they are coming off.  If you just barely brush up against them, they come off.  I can’t wash or wipe down that area of them at all or they will all fall off.  :( I am going to write LG and see if there is any way to get replacement decals.  It makes me crazy!! 


Sorry if I’m complaining too much.  I just had to get that off my chest and ask for any suggestions.