Congratulations On Your Admission…

A very special letter came in the mail this week.  One that we have been anxiously awaiting. I got the letter while he was at work so I was able to run and get some balloons and things to celebrate.  Don’t worry, I didn’t open the letter.  I left that for him.  I was just pretty positive that I knew what it said since it was from the Office of Admissions and had “Congratulations” written on it. I also knew that we would most likely be hearing back from them this week.

As soon as he came home from work, I told him there was something on the table for him.  He quickly caught on to what it probably was and ran to change out of his work clothes before opening it.  When he saw that I had the balloons on the chair I wanted him to sit in, he grabbed a can of Pepsi and told me he got it to drink since it matched for my pictures.  I have him trained so well!

All of us were gathered around the table anxiously waiting to hear what the letter said.

He took his time reading every last word of the letter.  I think he purposefully read it slow to keep us all in suspense.

Finally he couldn’t keep it in any longer and started smiling.  Then he told us that he was accepted.  We are all so excited for him.  University of Memphis is his first choice college so it’s BIG news and we couldn’t be more proud. He made this decision all on his own after much careful thought.  The reasons he chose to attend here are very mature and well thought out. I am so proud of him.  In case you didn’t know, we live close to Memphis so that is even better!

They are the “Memphis Tigers” and I will have to admit that later that night I ordered the “Tiger Mom” decal for my car.  I know, I know.  I can’t help it. Besides, I have all kinds of stickers on my back window (it’s a Jeep thing) so it was only proper to get one of those too.  ;-) I guess we are all going to become Tiger fans now.

There are no limits to where you can go with hard work and determination.  I love you Logan.  I am so proud to be your mom!


A Birthday and An Airshow…

A certain young lady in our house just turned 12. I still can’t believe it.  We always have a family dinner (with my parents too) and let the birthday girl (or boy) choose where they want to go eat. Kendall chose her favorite place – Carrabbas! After dinner, we headed back to mom & dad’s house for cake, ice cream and presents.  She didn’t have nearly as many presents to open this year because we we went shopping the weekend before and bought her a bunch of clothes for her birthday.

It just so happened that my new phone arrived on her birthday which always makes the kids excited.  It means that phones get shifted as I hand down my old one.  Logan took my Samsung Note 3, as it is pretty big and just worked best for him. He has been thinking about a Note for his next upgrade so it will be good for him to have a little experience with this one before he makes a decision.  Noah decided he wanted to keep the iPhone 5 that he currently has because he doesn’t want to lose any of the progress he has made on all his games.  LOL.  So Noah.  Kendall ended up getting Logan’s Samsung S4.  She loves it.  It is Android which she wanted, and it is the perfect size for her.  It’s larger and so much better than her iPhone 4.  She couldn’t wait to get her hands on it.  Unfortunately, my new phone didn’t arrive until late on her birthday so we didn’t have time to get things set up.  Then we had the airshow on Saturday so she had to wait until Sunday.  I think it felt like an eternity to her.  LOL.

She has two brothers so she knows all about Halo and other video games.

We went to Best Buy as soon as we got things switched over and she picked out this new case.  That light turquoise/green is her favorite color so I was thrilled they had this one.  It is so her!  Logan also has several cases for it too.  She will love that since she changes them out constantly.

One thing she loves about Android is how you can customize it to look different.  Here she got her Text app all set up and even downloaded a keyboard that goes with it perfectly.  As usual, she was checking up on one of her friends that was absent from school that day.

Like I said, Saturday we headed out to the airshow.  Sadly, the ground display was pretty much non-existent.

They did have the Shockwave Jet Truck.  Have you seen it before? That guy is CRAZY!!!  We have seen him numerous times and he is always fun to watch.

I snagged this picture below and the video off the internet just so you can see how crazy we are talking.  He goes 300 mph.

They also had a small car show going on out there so we cruised through to check things out.

Orange is Noah’s absolute favorite color.  It always has been.  I could totally see him driving this one so I had to snag a quick picture!

Then it was time to go sit and get ready for the show to start.  Let me just say it was COLD.  Very cold. The temperature wasn’t horrible but it was windy and that made it cold.  Most of the time I was wrapped up in that blanket all the way up to my neck.  I should also say that I was battling a cold and felt terrible that day.

I grew up with a pilot for a dad so airshows were a big part of my childhood.  Then I married an aviation lover, so needless to say, I have been to A LOT of airshows.

Since I have been to a lot that means I have TONS of pictures. I decided to leave my big lens at home.  All I brought was my wide angle 35mm & 20mm lenses.  I really missed having my long one when we got there though. All through the show I just kept seeing images in my head that I wish I could take.  With a wide angle, this was as close as I could get.

Kendall decided that she wants to be a Blue Angels pilot one day. She and Noah hung around after the show to meet the pilots and get autographs.

For some reason, she loved pilot #6.  That is ALL she talks about.  She says he is the wild one so she wants to be #6 too.  LOL!

They managed to meet all of them and get their autographs.

**Thanks to my mom and dad who contributed pictures to this post too! :-) **

What’s Happening Around Here…

I am a little slow on updating this blog in the past week.  It has been kind of crazy busy around here.  This will be a combined weekly happening update and our what’s for dinner review post too.  :-)  This morning I walked out in the garage to take Kendall to school and found a flat tire waiting on me.  Grrr… Thank goodness for Dad who came and rescued me and took her to school.  He then came back and got my tire all fixed for me.  So lucky to have him around.

Kendall had a project due this week.  She had to make a Tundra Biome box.  Is it just me or does she keep looking older?  Notice the sweater and boots… we are FINALLY getting some cooler days around here.  We LOVE fall so we are some happy people!

Kendall and her friend snapped some pictures together while they were hanging out.  Love these girls!

Here is one of their other creations.  :-)

We are hoping that Friday was Noah’s last physical therapy session. We go back to the orthopedist today to find out.  He liked to play games on his iPhone while he was doing his therapy.  He said it kept his mind off of the pain and burn at least a little bit. He still has to do physical therapy exercises at home for 6 more weeks. Since I have similar knee issues I am doing the exercises with him in hopes of building up the strength in mine.

Eric’s parents were hereto spend the night before they flew out to California early this morning.  We went out to Five Guys to celebrate Kendall and Logan’s birthdays with them.  It was FREEZING in there so my brain was concentrating on not turning into a human popsicle so I totally forgot to take a picture.  Bad me.  :(  I was also coming down with a cold which is still with me.  Grrr.  I can’t seem to shake this thing.

Our Week…

The kids have been on fall break all week and Eric has been off work. It has been so great. We really haven’t done a whole lot because the kids just wanted down time to play their video games and have friends over to hang out, etc. We had discussed a trip for the week, then a couple day trips, and then just decided we all were ready for rest and relaxation at home.

One day Eric fired up the smoker and cooked us some AMAZING pork tenderloin. It was so delicious!  I can’t wait until he makes it again!  I have to tell you there’s something sexy about this man working his BBQ grill. And then the manly smell that he comes in with after. Love it!!

A certain guy turns 18 in two weeks.  He pleaded his case that he could REALLY use his birthday gift early.  He explained how awesome it would be to have it over fall break when he has time to play it. So… he opened up his main gift the other night – the Destiny Playstation 4 Bundle. He has been in heaven ever since. He said the earbud/mic it comes with was terrible so he ordered himself a fancy new headset and had it shipped overnight. He is one happy guy!

Like I said, fall break has included friends coming over to hang out. Kendall had her best friend over. They are such great friends.

Kendall has a birthday this coming week and requested clothes.  Eric, my mom and I  took her shopping tonight to get some fun new outfits and boots.  I love how her sweet daddy is carrying the bags!  ;-)

As you already know, I am a total technology geek and it definitely goes for anything photography related. I have such an amazing supportive husband.  He told me that I should get the new Nikon camera and try it out so I did.  For those photography bluffs that read my blog, my current camera is the Nikon D800.  Now I am testing out this Nikon D750.

The following pics are all from the D750.  I have been taking a zillion images with it to test it out. As you can see, the kids are tired of having it in their face! ;-)

I decided to let my camera tag along on our trip to Jimmy Johns for lunch.  Noah has been begging to go there all week!

His last two vehicles have been straight sticks. He enjoys driving a manual. While I like it on occasion, I much prefer automatics. I like that I can do either one in my Jeep. :-)

I do like taking shots like these of each of our new cars when we get them. It will be fun for the kids and their kids to look back and see what we drove. I imagine these will look as “ancient” as my parents cars early cars look to me now.

Everywhere we go, the three kids usually have headphones in.

This was my #5 Vito Unwich at Jimmy Johns.  It’s my favorite!

After we got back home, Kendall modeled for me so I could do a few more test shots. I LOVE this picture of my sweet Zoe.  She absolutely hates having her picture taken so most of them are always blurry because she is on the move!

I fell in love with this one in black and white.  I love how you see her eyes and freckles first.  LOVE LOVE!  It is getting framed and displayed in the house!

When Eric is off work, he always makes breakfast for whoever is up and wants it. I am more of a cinnamon roll, pop tart, cereal kind of breakfast maker.  He does the full on eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits, etc.  Needless to say, they like it when he is home to handle breakfast duty! ;-)   I do make some amazing pancakes, but not very often.

The jury is still out on whether this new camera will replace my current one.  There are things that I really like on both of them and things that I don’t. I am going to take one of the kids out for a little mini session so I can test it out in that arena too.  I am hard on my gear since I use it all the time and want to make sure it thoroughly meets my needs in all areas.  I will say that the new one takes awesome video! In a lot of respects this new one is considered a step down from mine, but it has newer technology.  We’ll see who wins out.