What’s Been Happening…

Hey friends! I am sorry that I disappeared. I have a good reason though.

I have been out of commission for a bit. I found out that I had to have a Total Hysterectomy. My surgery was on January 28th. I look like I am drugged but they didn’t give me any medicine until they were ready to wheel me into surgery. You don’t look too good after two days of a clear liquid diet and a bowel prep.

20150128 142746

I will be posting my Hysterectomy story on here soon as I want to get it recorded. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few pictures.

I was more scared than you can imagine about having it. My anesthesiologist felt so sorry for me because my anxiety and fears were through the roof. Note my extremely puffy eyes from crying so much.

20150128 154444

Well, the surgery went really well and I shouldn’t have been so afraid. I gave this thumbs up when the nurse told me that I was released to go home just hours after the surgery. Can you believe that? You can have major surgery these days and go home the same day?

20150128 154529

The hospital wouldn’t let me wear any nail polish so I felt naked. Kendall offered to paint my nails for me. I love that girl.

20150131 143413

This man has been AMAZING during this recovery period. He has stayed by my side every minute. He gets me anything that I need. He has taken over all of my household duties without any complaints. He even naps with me. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband.

20150129 121617

Here’s another one who hasn’t left my side either. She is such a sweetie.

20150205 204909

Poor guy has had to take over the laundry duties. It is no small feat when you have a family of five. Plus the fact that the boys wear the same size, as do Kendall and I. Makes sorting a bit harder for him.

20150208 113818

I have had a good, yet rough, recovery. Again, I will tell the story later. Today I went out for a ride and even made a short trip into the store. Yay me!! I even straightened my hair, put on a little make-up and wore real clothes (sweats!).

IMG 20150211 150116
I am now 3 weeks and 2 days since the surgery and feeling pretty good. I still have restrictions… no lifting, pulling, stretching, exercising, etc. I have to say it feels good to not feel guilty about my lack of exercising. ;-)

I have spent some of this recovery period on the couch with the laptop working on my 2014 Project Life family album. I think I got about 20 pages done. I am really excited about that. I am hoping that I can have that book done sometime in February. I am also working on editing my 2013 pictures so that I can make a MyPublisher photo book with those pictures. I bought a discounted book coupon over the holidays that is getting ready to expire so I need to get myself in gear on that one.

I’ll be back soon! :-)

Project Life 2014 – Weeks 24 – 27

As you might have noticed, I have fallen quite a bit behind on my Project Life book. Here are a few spreads that I did recently of our summer vacation.  Man, I sure would like to be back there right now!

I am hoping to get this book finished over the next couple weeks.  I will be stuck resting after my surgery so I thought this would be the perfect thing to help pass the time.  I can’t wait to get it all done and printed!!

** As always, you can click on each layout to see a larger, easier to read version **

Project Life 2014 - Week 24| www.sharianderic.com

Project Life 2014 - Week 25| www.sharianderic.com

Project Life 2014 - Week 25| www.sharianderic.com

Project Life 2014 - Week 25| www.sharianderic.com

Project Life 2014 - Week 25| www.sharianderic.com

Project Life 2014 - Week 25| www.sharianderic.com

Project Life 2014 - Week 25| www.sharianderic.com







Christmas Day 2014

This was taken on Christmas Eve when the kids were opening up their pajama gifts.  They really love this tradition and are always excited to see what I have picked out for them each year.


* Disclaimer: I have been feeling really bad for months and unfortunately Christmas was no exception. My pictures are not very exciting as I just didn’t feel like being creative or doing much other than just snapshots. So, please excuse the less than stellar images. I am happy to have them though. :-) *

We opened up all of our gifts on Christmas morning at my parents house. Eric always cooks us a big fancy breakfast every year no matter where we are.


I have a confession to make.  I am a bit OCD and I have to have all matching wrapping paper.  It makes me a bit batty to look at mismatched gifts under the tree.  Behind all of these are just as many gifts that are from my parents (but that paper didn’t match).  LOL!  I know it’s sad.


First up is always the stockings.  The kids can not wait to get into those.  I have to admit that they usually aren’t super exciting.  I have a problem with putting anything in the stocking that is over about $5.  So, the stockings are usually candy and other little things.  This year, Noah gave me some suggestions on what would be great to find in his stocking.  ;-)



Logan is always the hardest to buy for because he doesn’t really like candy. However, he told me this year that some chocolate covered peanuts would be great.  He is soooo my kid.



I promise not to show all of the gifts, just the highlights.

EVERYONE knows that Noah has to be the first to open a gift.  He nearly combusts while we are eating breakfast because he just can’t wait another second.  It is kind of funny.  And he always ends up wanting to open more than one a time.  His first gift was the Nintendo 3DS XL.  He had been asking for one of these for quite a while.  They had all had DS’s quite some time ago and had traded them in when they got their iphones/ipods.  He missed all his Pokemon games after he traded his, so he has been anxious for a replacement. Oh, and see that chair he is sitting in.  That was one of his gifts as well.  He needed a better chair for his hours of computer gaming.  We were all jealous.  Soooo comfy!


Kendall had been asking for a Keyboard for months because she wanted it to put in her room so she could practice her piano pieces any time she wanted without disturbing everyone with the piano down in the living room.  She was THRILLED when she opened this one up!!


She loves Vans shoes just like her biggest brother!  She specifically asked for these blue ones.  She was really good about sending me links to all of the things that were on her Christmas list.  I loved it too.  Online shopping was my best friend this season!


They all decided that I was to play Santa and pass out all of the gifts.


Logan eats out every Saturday for lunch during his break at work.  He loves getting fast food gift cards!  Kendall bought him some of his favorties!


My mom has an intense love for popcorn so I HAD to buy her these pajamas when I saw them.  They just seemed too perfect.


Logan bought everyone gifts this year since he had money saved up in his account.  I was so proud of him for wanting to do this.  He was really great at thinking about what someone would really want and appreciate.  He bought Noah one of the video games that he wanted.


Noah gave Kendall these cute flannel sheets.  She had been asking for some!


She asked for an infinity ring and Santa came through!


It has become tradition for me to buy my Dad Bath & Body Works soap every year. He loves this stuff.


My mom got a new handgun this year from my Dad.  This was the card on her package.  So funny.


My mom had their wedding picture enlarged and framed for my Dad.


That is me with part of my stack of goodies.  I got the Simplified Planner that I wanted from my parents.  Eric knows the way to my heart – colored pens!!  I swear you can NEVER have too many.  Santa also bought me the Ninja Blender that I wanted.  This thing is AWESOME!  I make smoothies every single day and this thing is a beast.  Kendall bought me the Vanilla Bean Bath & Body Works set.  It smells just like toasted marshmallows!  My big gift was Santa was a new car.  :-)  More on that later!


Kendall has a love of phone cases.  She changes hers constantly.  Logan bought her this cute owl one in her favorite color.


She loved it.  I think it was one of her favorite gifts just because he gave it to her.  She sure loves her brothers!


Noah is my reader!  He can literally read a book in a day or two and does it all the time.  We spend a fortune on books but it’s worth it.  He had started a new series before Christmas and couldn’t wait to get more of them.  We bought him the rest of the series!


I saw this new black Starbucks card one day and kept saying that I had to get one.  Black is my favorite color (as everyone probably knows) so I just fell in love with it.  Apparently, my family does listen to me because I got one from Logan, Kendall and Eric.  :-)


Eric is very hard to buy for.  He just doesn’t really want for anything.  I tried to think really hard about what he might like.  He LOVES Panera but I am not a big fan so we don’t go.  However, there is one near where he works.  I picked up some gift cards so he could go for lunch or get his favorite bagels for breakfast.


We bought my mom the CUTEST Santa pandora charm for her bracelet.  She is in love with ALL things Santa (as you can probably see from her Santa tree in the picture toward the top).


Kendall asked for this white NorthFace jacket.  I wanted to keep it for myself.  So warm and cozy!


Noah finally got his new headset for his computer. It also works with his Xbox One too.


Logan had a few PlayStation games on his list this year!


Kendall has finally started loving to read.  I am pretty sure it is from Noah’s influence. She loves scary stories so she got quite a few for Christmas.


Eric LOVES Dilbert desk calendars.  He gets one every year.


I bought Eric a Memphis pullover since we are now University of Memphis parents!


Logan wanted another monitor.  He loves having a dual monitor set up.  He had one but then gave one to Noah when his died.  Now he has two again and is very happy.  I got a new monitor too.  That is where he gets his love for dual monitors from.  ;-)


My favorite gift that I give every year is a photo book highlighting some of the things that we have done over the past year.  My mom LOVES getting this book.  I didn’t have time to do one last year, so I made sure to get it done this year!  I can’t wait to get MY annual book completed.


After we were done with presents, it was time for our annual watching of The Christmas Story.  LOVE this movie!!  It doesn’t matter how often you watch it, it never gets old!


After the movie it was game time!!  We played our favorite Chicken Foot Dominos.


It was such a great Christmas even if I wasn’t feeling that well.  I am so thankful for these people of mine.

December Happenings…

I am so behind on my blogging.  I am happy that 2014 is over. Unfortunately, 2014 brought about a roller coaster of health issues for me. I will be posting more about that later.  First, I want to get December recorded here.  I am just going to do one big post with a summary of the month to make things easier.  Excuse me if the page loads slow due to all the pics.  I think I am going to do a separate post on Christmas Day though. I want to highlight some of the things the kids asked for this year.  I like having a record of that stuff to look back and see how things change. :-)

Kendall is in the chorus at her middle school.  They had a holiday performance.  She and her friends were taking pics before the show.


I only grabbed this one quick shot because I chose to video this instead of taking pics.


My grandparents came to town so we spent a little time down on our town square.  It is always decorated so pretty for the holidays. 002-www-sharianderic-com--

Since we didn’t get to go to the big Tree Lighting ceremony this year (Kendall’s choir performance was the same night and it was too rushed by the time it was over), we went down there another night for some pics. Logan’s girlfriend, Lane, was sweet enough to grab these of the five of us! :-)


I loved this one.  We used it on the cover of the photo book I made my parents for Christmas.  It will be the cover on our family book this year too. :-)


I took some pics of Logan and Lane while we were down there.


Kendall had her holiday piano recital.  She did a really great job!!  She played “When Santa Gets Your Letter.”


This sums up one of my favorite things about the holidays.  I absolutely LOVE sitting by the warm fire, cuddled up with Eric under the glow of the Christmas tree lights.


Logan’s employer participates in the Christmas parade every year.  The guys dress up like Superheros.  Logan was to be Superman.  Unfortunately, for the second year in a row the parade was canceled due to weather issues.  :(


Eric got company suite tickets to watch University of Memphis play some basketball.  We thought it would be fun for Logan to see what kind of support his college has for their team, etc.  We had a fun night!


This was a picture I grabbed on our way to Eric’s parents house for the Barnes family Christmas.


Here’s a group shot of the Barnes clan before we left to come back home.


Logan’s boss always has Santa come in for some promo pictures to use in advertisements, etc.  Here is Logan helping Santa with some good gift selection ideas.  ;-)


We love going out and looking at Christmas lights.  This year things were kind of crazy busy.  We finally found a night to go. It was rainy but we still had fun.


Kendall had a job for a couple weeks babysitting our friends cat. I think we all fell in love with this sweet girl.


Eric and I spent one day getting some Christmas shopping done.  I look forward to this every year.  He isn’t much of a shopper but he always goes with me at Christmas and doesn’t complain. ;-)


Candy Ann was back again this year.  Like I said last year, Kendall doesn’t believe in Santa anymore so she knows the deal with Candy Ann.  She wanted to keep the tradition alive so she moves Candy Ann around every night for the rest of us to find her in the morning.  This year, I think she got tired of it though because she quit moving a week or so before Christmas.  LOL.


Amidst all of the holiday hussle, there were still school projects to be done.  They are made a little more fun by wearing a Santa hat though.  ;-)PIC_1254

Kendall made and decorated holiday cupcakes all by herself.  She was so proud at how well she frosted them.


Eric spent 9 days in Brazil.  I absolutely hate these longer international trips.


Kendall borrowed this holiday sweater from Grandma for ugly sweater day at school.  She said she thought it was beautiful but we convinced her that it did qualify for an ugly sweater.


We always go to the Christmas parade in our neighboring town.  Thankfully, it wasn’t nearly as cold this year as it usually is.  It still wasn’t warm, but it wasn’t miserable.





While we were waiting for the parade to start, a journalist from the Newspaper came by and wanted to know if he could feature Kendall and her friend Autumn in an article he was writing.  Here is a snapshot of the article that I took from my phone.  We were surprised when we got the paper at how big the photo were.  By the way, that is a typo next to her friend Autumn’s name.  She is not 6.  She and Kendall are the same age!


Logna and Lane on the night that they exchanged their Christmas gifts.


This was from Christmas at my parents house.  I will share those pics in the next post!


A picture of me with Lucy.  This was the day that Eric took me to get a new SUV. I was kind of sad to think about letting her go, but at the same time I knew it was the right decision.  We just needed more room.  We were constantly wishing we had one more seat and having to take two cars places.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have exactly what I wanted so we had to order it and wait!  It was a LONG week until it came in.  More about that new baby later!



There is a basic summary of December.  There is lots of other stuff that went on that I didn’t get pics of.  Like my NUMEROUS trips to the doctor and ultrasound tests and etc.  It was a rough month health wise.  Well, it was a rough year for my health actually.  Things are going to be better in 2015 after my surgery.  I will post about that too.  Next up, Christmas Day…