What’s Happening Around Here…

I saw a post like this on my friend Tracy’s blog and decided to borrow the idea here.  :-)  Since I don’t like to post without a picture, I will share this one of me and Mr. Noah this week! :)

me and noah

going a little crazy. So much to do and what seems like never nearly enough time to do it.  Can I get an amen?? 

wanting to freeze time.  These kiddos of mine are just growing up so darn fast.  This past month has been an emotional roller coaster.  Thinking about college and the start of my oldest’s senior year of high school this fall. My middle one is starting high school.  My sweet baby girl is starting middle school.   Yep, in a few weeks we will saying goodbye to elementary school for good.  It’s kind of sad.  I am soaking up all the opportunities I can to eat lunch with my girl, chaperone field trips, etc.  It all changes after elementary school.

loving  modern appliances.  We were without a dishwasher for a week and I thought we were all going to die.  LOL!

wishing my hair would stop falling out!  I swear I am going to be bald here before long.  I am really thinking I need to try some Rogaine.  I am already taking Biotin supplements but they aren’t doing anything.

planning for the big celebration next week of Mr. Noah’s 14th birthday!  Woohoo!  I LOVE birthdays.  I ordered some birthday gifts today so I am getting in the birthday mode!

watching Dancing With The Stars this season.  I haven’t watched it before, but I am hooked right now.  My favorites are Amy & Derek and Candace & Mark. Did you see this story and dance from Amy and Derek this week?  The choreography just told the story so well.  If you aren’t shedding a few years after watching that, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.  ;-)

dreading all the traveling that my husband has to do.  I LOVE that he enjoys and loves his job.  He’s awesome at it too.  However, I absolutely HATE the traveling.  :( I just dislike being apart.

longing for the arrival of all of my new computer stuff.  I am BEYOND excited.  My computer guru son is building me a custom computer that is going to be blazing fast.  I can not wait!!  He is so good at this stuff. 

praying for my mom to get better.  She is pretty sick right now with some respiratory stuff.  She is over the hump fighting double pneumonia, but she has a long road ahead of her with another lung situation.  Please add her to your prayers if you don’t mind.

catching up on my Project Life projects.  I am working on my 2014 book AND a vacation book.  I haven’t been picking up the camera much the past couple weeks so my pics aren’t inspiring me much.  I need to change that!

feeling so behind!  I have forgotten a few little things lately that make me feel like I deserve the mom failure of the month award.  They weren’t major things but it just isn’t like me.

needing to get back to purging and organizing this house.  I was on a roll, but seem to have lost momentum.  I desperately want it done as it will make me feel so much less burdened and just happier, but I can’t seem to get back at it.

thanking God for everything.  Especially for all of my heart tests coming back normal.  The echocardiogram showed a happy and healthy heart.

Project Life 2014 – Weeks 10 & 11

I wanted to pop on and share my latest Project Life pages with you.  It seems like there isn’t enough time to do regular blogging about life and then do my Project Life book too, so I am kind of combining the two with sharing my PL pages here.  Hopefully once summer hits, it will be more relaxed and I will have time for everything.  We will see!  :)

(please click on each layout to see the enlarged version)

week 10 - project life 2014 | www.sharianderic.com

As you can see, the above layout is a one pager.  I have a plan for the right side of that spread.  It will be one of Kendall’s many art pieces.  She has some really amazing paintings and there are quite a few that I would like to have enlarged for the book.  :)

I have to admit that these next pages were a struggle.  It was really bugging me that the colors weren’t the same throughout the spread, but I did like the design of each page.  I decided it was best to just go with accent colors that matched the pics on each page rather than making them all coordinate together.  Besides, I think my kids are going to be more interested in the pics and stories than the colors of the pages!  At least I hope they are.  LOL!

week 11 - project life 2014 | www.sharianderic.com

We didn’t go anywhere for Spring Break but it sure was a good one.  We stayed up late, slept in late, went to eat at our favorite places, lots of rest and relaxation.  It really was perfect.  Staying home really helped us feel like we had a week off.  It seems like when we go off somewhere the time flies and we feel like we need a break when we get home!

week 11 - project life 2014 | www.sharianderic.com

I have to thank my friend Shawn again for not letting up on trying to convince me to do Project Life.  It has really been a blessing.  I am capturing so much more of our daily life and the “real stuff” than ever before.  I love that it’s a simple style (that’s so me!) and yet I can still include some journaling where I need to.  With this style, the mix of DSLR and phone pics don’t bug me at all.  I actually kind of like it.  NEVER thought I would say that.  I have learned to embrace my phone camera because it is ALWAYS with me to capture memories.

If you are interested in any of the supplies used to create these pages, I have them linked below…


Project Life 2014 – Weeks 8 & 9

Finally Spring Break is here for us!  It has been a busy last few weeks so we are all ready for a little down time.  We might take a couple small day trips, but other than that we plan to stay home and enjoy some relaxation. We all seem to be becoming homebodies.  I don’t mind though.  I think there is a lot to be said about just wanting to be in the comforts of your own home and with your family.

In between all the happenings around here, I did manage to get a few Project Life layouts done.  I am really enjoying this project.  I didn’t realize just how much I had missed the creative outlet that graphic design and working with photos gives me.

(please click on each layout to see the enlarged version)

Noah got his braces off FINALLY!  It is hard to remember him without some kind of apparatus in his mouth.  Needless to say he is THRILLED to be done with them, even though he does have to wear his retainers 24/7 for eight weeks.  Then he will go to just wearing them at night.

week 8 - project life 2014 | www.sharianderic.com

Exactly ONE week after getting said retainers, he managed to leave them on the couch where the dog chewed them up.  Grrrr.  So off we went to the orthodontist for another $200 set.  Not a good day.

We are getting TONS and TONS of post cards, letters and catalogs from colleges all across the country wanting Logan to consider them.  It’s amazing.  There are a few schools that literally send us something EVERY SINGLE DAY.  He is still completely undecided where he wants to go.  I think he is kind of in denial that this is really about to happen.  We are going to be doing some college visits in the coming weeks so that may make it all seem a little more real.  I noticed that I used the same journaling on a part of this page as I did on another, so I went back and changed it on this one.  I am too lazy to change the one here.  LOL  

week 9 - project life 2014 | www.sharianderic.com

Since I had a limited amount of pictures for weeks 8 & 9, I just did one page layouts for each week.  Then they will be put together like this in the book.  Doesn’t bother me at all.  I think that is why I liked this format that I chose with the week in review card.  It helps them look better side by side when I have to do this.

weeks 8 & 9 - project life 2014 | www.sharianderic.com

Here is an insert that goes with week 9.  We traveled to Nashville for a few days to attend the Tennessee Jr. Beta convention with Noah.  He was competing in the Living Literature event.  His group did AWESOME!!!  They were definitely the most original of all the competitors.   They worked so hard for months preparing for this too.  I hope they know just how proud we were of all of them.   The convention was at the Opryland Hotel.  I love that place but I can get lost so easily in there.  It’s HUGE.  The best part was that I could touch palm trees from our room balcony.  I have a deep love for palm trees.  Anyway, I wanted to include quite a few photos from this trip, so I did a two page spread for it.

week 9 (insert) - project life 2014 | www.sharianderic.com

Are you on Spring Break yet?  I plan to get some spring cleaning and organizing done.  We have so much STUFF.  I am ready to break free from lots of it.  I already have four large trash bags filled to donate.  I hope to have many, many more!!  I also hope to make some changes around the house to brighten things up a bit.  I hope everyone has a great week!

ETA:  I decided today that I just can’t do the modern type of all lowercase letters in my journaling.  It just doesn’t work for my Type A personality.  I have gone back and changed all the appropriate letters to capitals in my raw files.  I am glad that I figured this out before I got too far into this project.  You will see the change in future layouts.  I think it will be much better!  

Supplies used:

Project Life 2014 – Week 7…

I am still enjoying Project Life. There are so many things that I love about it. Things I’ve wished for when doing my regular annual photo books. For example…

1. I can add journaling when need be. I’ve missed that. Although, I really like the pictures to tell the story, sometimes you do need some words to help support it. Or need to add names of people, etc.

2. I can add a little extra color and pizzazz to the page simply with a cute journaling or title card. There are so many great ones out there too.

3. It makes me happy to be creating again with my pictures. It just makes me feel good that I’m preserving these memories and telling the stories for my kids to share with my grandchildren one day.

4. I love that I feel able to share single pics in my album. With my regular photo books, I always felt like I needed a series of pics so that it could have its own page. This frees me to use single pics or to do a whole spread on one event. Love that!!

5. Definitely less time consuming that traditional scrapbooking. It is more time than my traditional photo books, but I definitely think it will be worth it.

That’s just a few things I love about it. I feel like I am finding my groove a little more with each page too. I really like how this one turned out, although it almost borders on too much fluff for me. I tried to add a little more color to the page but still keeping it simple and where the photos are center stage.  I might tone it down just a smidge for the next one.  However, I think Valentines did call for lots of happy pink and red.  :-)

 - – You can click on each image to see it larger. – - 

week 7 - project life 2014 | www.sharianderic.com

In my last post, I mentioned our heart attack door. Every Valentine’s we all sit down and write things that we love about each other. We try to come up with new things every year so don’t be surprised if obvious things aren’t on here. They were most likely used in years past. There’s a few Logan wrote about himself, see if you can pick those out. ;)
week 7 (insert a) - project life 2014 | www.sharianderic.com

As you can see, for these add-ons to my week 7, I just did a very basic layout of squares. Worked perfect for these hearts. I couldn’t bear not to use them in the album.  I didn’t use every heart that we wrote, but I had to include a lot of them.
week 7 (insert b) - project life 2014 | www.sharianderic.com
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